If your dog plays with sticks after spending three days in intensive care as an eight-week-old puppy, be cautious.


If your dog plays with sticks after spending three days in intensive care as an eight-week-old puppy, be cautious.

After a baby Labrador spent three days in intensive care after playing with a stick, a warning has been issued to dog owners.

Brodie was playing in the garden when he began to experience breathing problems due to a big swell at the back of his throat.

The stick he held in his mouth at the time hit the ground after he was called by his owner, forcing it down into his throat.

It went down so far in puppy’s mouth that it scraped the surface of his voice box.

For three days, the eight-week-old puppy was in high-dependency care, requiring oxygen, tracheotomy tube care, IV fluids, tube feeding, and various medications.

“A day after the event, he was suffering from breathing difficulties and gagging,” said Prue Neath, clinical director of Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Runcorn and an expert in small animal surgery.

“An inspection found that the back of his throat had swollen significantly. Because his throat was being constricted by swelling, the emergency clinic had to put a tracheotomy tube.

“He was brought to our care the next day, and thankfully, a CT scan revealed no indications of the stick breaking through Brodie’s neck wall.

“As a result, we were able to avoid major surgery and implant a feeding tube through the side of his neck.”

Further tests revealed that the edema had subsided and the voice box was mending normally.

“Following his check-up, Brodie is now doing exceptionally well and is full of mischief!” Prue added.

Brodie was able to recover completely thanks to the attention he received, but the vet stated that this instance was an example of why owners should avoid allowing their dogs to play with sticks.

“Clearly, exercise is important for a dog’s physical and mental health, but it should also be enjoyable and safe,” Prue added.

“There are a variety of risks associated with sticks, including being impaled on one that has been trapped in the ground, harm to the mouth, throat, and stomach from catching and mistakenly ingesting sticks, and infections caused by penetrating wood particles.

“As an alternative to, we advise all of our dog owners to utilize dog-safe toys.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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