If Mistress did not return Monthly Allowance, Man Threatened To Leak Sex Videos.


If Mistress did not return Monthly Allowance, Man Threatened To Leak Sex Videos.

Following the termination of their extramarital connection, a man in Singapore was sentenced to prison this week after threatening to disclose intimate recordings and images made without his mistress’ knowledge unless she compensated him.

According to Yahoo News, the guy, known as Chua Joo Kwang, was sentenced to seven months in prison on Monday after pleading guilty to one count each of insulting the victim’s modesty and criminal intimidation, as well as one count of stalking.

According to the outlet, Chua and the anonymous 46-year-old woman had an affair in 2011 when he hired her for escort services. Both are Malaysians and permanent residents of Singapore.

Until their relationship ended in December 2018, the man, who is married and has two sons, paid her a monthly allowance of $2,500.

Chua, on the other hand, proceeded to harass the woman for the next three months, sending her roughly 50 text messages over the WeChat app. He persisted on meeting with her and demanded that she return a year’s worth of her stipend — almost $30,000 — as recompense for their split.

Chua also threatened the woman by impersonating his own anonymous “friend.” He allegedly utilized a phony mobile phone number with a US country code that he created in December 2018.

Between February 10 and February 16, 2019, the victim allegedly got texts from an unidentified individual using a foreign phone number. Later, the person claimed to be a friend of Chua’s named “M.”

The woman disregarded M’s messages pleading with her to meet Chua and pay the restitution. M, on the other hand, emailed her three intimate images of herself with Chua and threatened to leak them if she didn’t respond.

On February 13, 2019, M allegedly provided two more photos. One photo showed the victim naked, while the other showed her having oral sex with Chua.

“Now I simply send you images… Perhaps I’ll send additional images to your family and friends soon? It’s best if you meet up with your boyfriend soon to figure out what he expects from you. You’d better please him, make him happy, and see to it that it ends on his terms! That’s better for you. M’s follow-up message said, “If your bf is pleased, I am happy, and there will be NO PROBLEM for you.”

During the raid, police seized Chua’s laptop and cellphone. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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