Iceland’s ‘yummy’ new dessert customers say they’ll ‘absolutely’ try it.


Iceland’s ‘yummy’ new dessert customers say they’ll ‘absolutely’ try it.

Shoppers have become enamored with a new Iceland product.

The business is well-known for having a lot of popular products, which makes customers want to get their hands on them as soon as possible.

A new Iceland product has been shared online, and customers can’t get enough of it.

Tesco customers are enraged with Kelly Brook’s “beautiful” £22 outfit.

Snack News & Reviews, a Facebook page, posted a snapshot of Iceland’s new Vimto Cheesecake, which will be available soon.

Hundreds of shoppers have responded to the post, with many eager to offer their thoughts.

Shoppers stated that they were anxious to get their hands on the goods and that they were tagging friends and family to spread the word.


“I NEED THIS!!!” said a third.

“Definitely getting one of those,” said a fourth customer.

“How good does this look!!!Xxxxx,” exclaimed a fifth. “Yummmm!!!!!” wrote a sixth, who tagged a buddy. Should I get this for you when you come? X”.

“Omg need, bet it’s good,” wrote another.

The Vimto Cheesecake from Iceland is currently unavailable, but it will be available soon.


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