Huge pigs wreak havoc on a golf course, injuring two people; the club is forced to close.


Huge pigs wreak havoc on a golf course, injuring two people; the club is forced to close.

Two fugitive pigs attacked a golf course in the United Kingdom, injuring two people and forcing the club to close for the day.

After two hogs believed to be Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs attacked the field at the Lightcliffe Golf Club in West Yorkshire, chaos followed. The pigs caused havoc in the games by knocking down golf trolleys and luggage.

On Sunday, the pigs appeared from neighboring woodland bordering the bottom of the course, according to club staff. A golfer was attacked by one of the hogs. “He suffered a scrape on his leg,” Judith Crowther, the club’s house director, told the BBC. “He had to go to A&E and have it cleaned out really thoroughly and get some antibiotics.”

The pigs descended on the course once more two days later. The pigs ran amok for six hours, injuring a club staffer who attempted to guide them away from the golf course.

Club professional David McKidd, 40, told Sky News that the two men who received minor injuries were brought to a hospital and given tetanus injections.

The pigs also caused harm to the grass by digging several little holes in it.

As night set over the city, the pigs abandoned the course and moved to a nearby road, where they wreaked even more havoc by causing traffic congestion.

The pigs were removed off the road after police arrived on the scene. “It sparked a lot of curiosity,” the club administrators told the BBC. “But we’re delighted they’ve gone and we can get back to playing golf.” He continued, “It was like a comedy script; you couldn’t have imagined it even if you tried.”

The pigs did not appear to be from a local farm, therefore it’s unknown where they came from.


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