How to plan for your death on Facebook – or how to deal with someone else’s


How to plan for your death on Facebook – or how to deal with someone else’s

There are important actions you can take to ensure that your Facebook profile is appropriately handled in the case of your death, as well as tips on how to handle someone else’s page.

With recollections and birthday alerts regularly cropping up alongside other messages, pages left live after someone has passed away can be a sad ongoing reminder.

According to The Mirror, there are ways to cope with the problem either before handing over the page or after someone you care about has passed away.

It’s worth noting that turning off someone’s account on Facebook isn’t the sole option; it may also be memorialized.

You’ll need to show that you’re the account holder’s immediate family member or executor. The fastest way to do this, according to Facebook, is to scan and send their death certificate.

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Certificate of Birth

Last Will and Testament is a legal document that is used to document a person’s

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Card of condolences

You can use this link to send a request to Facebook.

How do I keep a record of a transaction?

With so many photos stored on Facebook, you may not like the idea of deleting all of those precious memories.

Memorialising an account can instead turn an account into a place for family and friends to share memories.

Once Facebook is informed of an account holder’s passing, the word ‘remembering’ will show next to their name.

One important difference with a memorialised account is that no one will be allowed to log into it. It also won’t show in ‘suggested friends’ notifications, and it won’t send birthday reminders.

Pages, where the sole admin is an account that’s been memorialised, will also be deleted.

While no one can log into the account, it can be looked after by someone else providing they’ve been added as a legacy contact – someone is given permission to manage the account.

Legacy contacts are able to write a pinned post for the memorialised profile, respond to new friend requests, and update the profile picture and cover photo.

You can send a memorialisation. Summary ends.


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