How an open day at the university has helped to shape a student’s successful path to becoming a lecturer.


And Leah says she developed a special relationship with Hope from the first day she visited the campus as an ambitious student.

The 26-year-old, who had previously graduated from Hope, recently returned to the university as a professional tutor in health and social services.

Leah Birch attended an open house at Liverpool Hope University and has since developed from a student to a lecturer.

“I knew that Hope was very well suited to teaching and I was offered the opportunity to study Special Educational Needs Education (SEN), which was the best choice for me. The more I progressed with my studies, the more I knew that one day I would want to return there to teach.

“However, when I came to Hope, the open house just seemed so friendly and welcoming. The staff was so nice, and since the campus is compact, I felt safe.

Leah, who is originally from Birmingham and spoke at a “virtual open house” at Hope this weekend, remembered: “Becoming a teacher wasn’t always the plan – I originally wanted to be a primary school teacher, but during my high school graduation things didn’t go quite so well.

The academic, who now lives in Manchester, had set her heart on Liverpool Hope University when it came to taking the next step in her career as a full-time lecturer at the university.

After graduating from Hope University in 2015, Leah completed a Master’s degree in Disability Studies at the university before moving to Leeds and focusing her doctoral thesis on crimes of hate against the disabled.

Meanwhile, friendly faces from her own student days at Hope have helped her settle into the role – and make the transition from lecture hall chair to standing at the head of the classroom.

she said: “I had established such a good relationship with the university that the decision to come back to Hope to teach was an easy one.

She added: “The cooperation with former lecturers was great because everyone was so friendly from the beginning. It was a little strange at first, but the transition went smoothly and it’s great to work with so many other great lecturers in the health and social care team.

This open house is practically on October 24th.

Liverpool Hope University is currently preparing to hold a virtual open house so that prospective students from 2021 onwards can learn more about its wide range of courses and also experience life on campus.

Leah hopes that current prospective students will have a positive experience of the open day as she has done, as she hopes to inspire people who are looking for a career in the subject she now teaches.

said Leah, “Health and social care is a rewarding subject to study, especially because the landscape is changing so rapidly and you need to think dynamically to reflect what is happening in our communities.

The three-year Health and Social Care program at Hope offers students the opportunity to combine both academic studies and practical work while exploring the social issues and factors that can affect people’s health and well-being. Students regularly receive insights from front-line staff and also have the opportunity to do internships.

“Studying health and social services often challenges you to reflect on your own attitudes and understand how they might affect your future practice.

“We help students to be open-minded and think about public health and how different initiatives are developed to respond to different public health issues. These include things like obesity, mental health, smoking and different ways of thinking about health and well-being.

“This has been exacerbated by the changes brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.


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