How a meeting in China contributed to VeChain (VET) having a solid week of success.


The Chinese meeting concerning the time after the COVID led with VeChain to a continuation of the price increase.
Last week the vocational training was the third best plant, only behind NEM and Chainlink.
Vocational training grew by 23% last week as it continues to be praised as the best supply chain platform in the block chain.

Recently, Chinese government officials decided to organize a meeting focusing on the response to post-epidemic diseases. However, the meeting had a significant impact on the crypto industry as the VeChain price continued to rise and secured a full week of profits for the project.

Chinese officials discuss the world after the pandemic

As explained in a Chainnews report, the meeting focused on the use of digital tools in the country. The goal was to use these tools to redesign the public health system after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Chinese officials estimated that things like supply chain logistics will be critical to the post-pandemic response.

DNV GL Global and VeChain attended the meeting in addition to the senior officials.

DNV GL proposed a solution for public health management after a pandemic based on the international block chain-based platform for self risk management. The company’s VPN believes that a coordinated approach is needed to take control of or prevent pandemics.

He also praised VeChain, describing it as one of the best candidates for improving current models. He praised the project’s security, transparency and credibility of information.

Price increase in vocational training due to the appreciation of the Chinese government

The meeting resulted in a further increase in the VeChain (VET) price. The coin posted a 2% growth yesterday, bringing its weekly growth to 23%. On a weekly basis, the VET was surpassed by only two other coins in the top 30, NEM (XEM) and Chainlink (LINK).

VET currently has a market capitalization of over $751 million. The project was widely recognized as the best supply chain management platform based on the block chain. The platform has also gained much popularity in China. It was not only supported by the state government, but also promoted by the local media, making it one of the most appreciated projects in China.


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