Hooligans who beat a Liverpool fan “could expect further action after his death”.


Simon Dobbin, who used to live in the Ormskirk area, died last week, five years after being subjected to a terrible attack after a soccer match.

The soccer hooligans who kicked a Liverpool fan on the head during a prolonged attack could expect further action after his death, police said.

Simon Dobbin was attacked by a large group of men after a soccer match

Last Wednesday (October 21) Cambridge United announced the sad news that Simon, 48, has passed away.

He was no longer able to walk, speak or take care of himself.

A group of men trampled on Simon’s head during a prolonged attack and the Liverpool fan was left brain damaged.

Another three men were convicted of conspiracy to commit violence in the same trial, and another man was convicted of aiding and abetting and admitted to having owned a pepper spray.

On the night of his attack, twenty-five men are said to have attacked Simon in Southend, Essex.

Nine of this group were convicted of violent unrest on July 17, 2017.

Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings said: “Our thoughts are with Simon’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

Following the news of Simon’s death, Essex Police said they would reopen the investigation, which indicates the possibility that some of the men responsible for the attack may face further action.

“We will review the initial investigation to determine whether we need to take further action”.

“It was difficult. I’ve had a lot of support from friends and family, but knowing that [the attackers]are all outside now is like knowing that they’ve moved on with their lives and forgotten Simon and haven’t thought about him.

In a conversation after Simon’s death, his partner Nicole said: “I hope this news reaches them and plays on the strings of their hearts.

“They have left us with the aftermath of this event. If you just looked at him, you would think about it and imagine them trampling on his head for 90 seconds.

“I lost the man I married. He was trapped in this body and suffered from many health problems.”

“They not only destroyed Simon’s life, but our lives as well.

Simon was attacked on March 21, 2015 after spending the night watching Cambridge United play Southend United.

After the game, Simon and a group of Cambridge fans were ambushed by a large group of men on East Street after leaving the Blue Boar Pub. Simon was repeatedly trampled and suffered horrible injuries.


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