Homes associated to anti-arms fair protests in Liverpool have been raided.


Homes associated to anti-arms fair protests in Liverpool have been raided.

Late-night searches were carried out at properties throughout Merseyside linked to protestors opposing a contentious arms fair in the city.

The AOC Europe electronic warfare show, which took place this week at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centr e, was met with widespread demonstrations by those opposed to the event.

Two individuals made it onto the roof of the venue during the protests. A total of nine persons were arrested as a result of the protests.

As the city prepares for months of disruption, the Lime Street lease has come to an end.

Police carried out a number of late-night searches and one forced raid at residences throughout Merseyside in connection with the protests, it has now been discovered.

Merseyside Police have been chastised by campaign organization Palestine Action for the manner in which these searches were carried out, claiming that a number of the homes searched contained young children and that they were carried out late at night or early in the morning this week.

During some of the raids, the organization said that officers stole cash, books, a Palestine flag, as well as personal devices, and accused the force of ‘harassment’ against persons opposed to the arms exhibition.

“This police harassment comes as no surprise, as Palestine Action activists are routinely subjected to late-night raids and other intimidation methods,” a group spokesperson stated.

Merseyside Police have announced that five residences in the Merseyside area have been searched in connection with the protest arrests.

The arrests were’reactive,’ according to the police department, and took occurred after the arrests.

According to a spokeswoman, while the majority of these searches occurred after authorities were permitted admission to homes, one search resulted in a property being forcibly invaded since no one was present.

Children were present during two of the searches, both of which took place around 1 a.m., according to the force.

Officers took ‘great care not to disturb them while they were sleeping,’ according to a spokeswoman.

Senior politicians in the city have also criticized the police’s handling of the protests, notably West Derby MP Ian Byrne and a number of Liverpool Council cabinet members, who branded the police’s response to the protests – particularly the drafting of a dispersal order at the – as “inept.” “The summary has come to an end.”


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