Home Bargains’ 99p curry sauce buyers say that 99p curry sauce tastes “just like McDonald’s”.


Fans have spread the sauce in social media and said it tastes “identical” to the sweet curry dip served in the fast food chain.

Home Bargains sells 1 pound of curry sauce, which customers are convinced tastes exactly like a McDonald’s sauce.

Some customers were annoyed that the item was distributed online because they feared that they would now have difficulty getting it.

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After a posting shared in a money-saving Facebook group caught the attention of both Home Bargains and McDonald’s fans, those who tried the sauce quickly supported the claims about its taste.

According to BirminghamLive, the description of the sauce reads: “The extra-hot curry flavor gives this ketchup its pleasantly hot taste. It goes perfectly with any kind of meat or sausage”.

Another said: “No, don’t send it, there won’t be any lol left!”.

One user said: “If you like McDonald’s Sweet Curry Sauce, try this from Home Bargains. 99p. It tastes exactly the same.”

And a fourth said, “My favorite McDonald’s sauce! I’ve been looking for it for a long time.”

A third one added: “Obsessed with it”.

Earlier this week, Home Bargains once again wowed shoppers when it showed a picture of its gingerbread jingle and twisted peppermint candles, each at £2.49.

Candles from the American brand Bath and Body Works are currently available online for $24.50.

While many shoppers were excited by the prospect of more festive items, others couldn’t wait to point out how similar the range of candles from the popular Bath and Body Works brand looks.


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