Holly Willoughby’s autumnal mini dress puts the fans into a frenzy.


This Morning presenter is known for her sense of fashion and for working with stylists to perfect her looks.

Holly Willoughby was wrapped for fall today, wearing a stunning combination of dress and sweater.

ITV This Morning star Holly is back on the big screen and shared today’s look with impressed fans

Holly started with a simple cream-colored merino wool funnel neck sweater by John Smedley.

Danielle Whiteman put together today’s ensemble, which included a number of highly fashionable items.

The dress with mini hearts has a wraparound cut that is tighter at the waist, a v-neck, a five-button closure and a link at the front.

It was paired with the Gabinette dress by the French brand Rouje.

Fans loved her latest outfit and many attended the commentary session.

Holly said she posted a picture on Instagram: “Tomorrow Monday … we’ll be back! See you at @thismorning at 10:00 a.m.”

Emily said, “Nice outfit.”

One guy wrote, “Such a nice look.”

Jo commented, “You look great and you love the dress.”

And Lisa wrote, “You look gorgeous, love what you’re wearing”..


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