Hillsborough victims appear in the government’s crime statistics after groundbreaking investigative sentences.


The Office of National Statistics today published its annual overview of crime figures for the 12 months to the end of March.

The deaths of the 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough tragedy were officially recorded in a new national crime statistic.

The national crime statistics published today include those who died as a result of the tragedy following a wrongful death sentence

Every year the government collects and publishes crime data collected by police forces throughout the country.

And following the landmark judgments on wrongful deaths in the new Hillsborough investigations, the 96 are among those numbers.

The latest data shows that South Yorkshire Police recorded the highest number of homicides in the country for the 12 month period to which the figures relate. A total of 113 were recorded – 13 more than the Metropolitan Police, which had the second highest.

The statistics released today provide a breakdown of serious crime by force.

ECHO estimates that these 113 homicides include the deaths of the 96 Reds fans who tragically died after the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.

This is because last year the jury decided that they were unjustly killed at a crucial moment in the fight for justice.

Today’s numbers are not the first time that the 96 have been included in the official crime statistics – that was in a report published in October.

The sentences came in April 2016, the fall of the last data period. The figures reflect the number of crimes recorded by the individual armed forces during this period, not the number of crimes committed during this period.

The release comes just weeks after the public prosecutor’s office revealed plans to prosecute six people for the tragedy and its aftermath.

However, the recent ONS release represents the first time that the tragedy has been captured in a detailed government-produced breakdown of crime statistics for each of the troops.

The first of the suspects identified by the CPS will appear before Warrington Magistrates’ Court next month.


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