Highly communicable In Europe, a Covid version is ‘poised to take hold.’


Highly communicable In Europe, a Covid version is ‘poised to take hold.’

As several countries plan to loosen restrictions and allow greater social gatherings and cross-border travel, the highly transmissible Covid-19 type first detected in India is “poised to take hold in the region,” according to the World Health Organization’s Europe director.

The WHO’s Dr Hans Kluge claimed the Delta strain has shown evidence of being able to avoid several vaccines during a press conference on Thursday, warning that some people in vulnerable groups are still unprotected.

“We’ve been here before,” Dr. Kluge cautioned. “Cases gradually increased in lower age groups throughout the course of last summer, then moved into older age groups, contributing to a disastrous resurgence.”

According to Dr. Kluge, the increase in Covid-19 instances resulted in increased lockdowns and deaths in the autumn and winter of 2020. He said, “Let’s not make that mistake again.”

He did not imply that people should not travel, but he did advise them to travel wisely.

He also advocated for increased vaccination and other public health measures across the continent, claiming that even current immunisation coverage is “far from sufficient” to protect the region.


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