Heartbreak about the “fantastic” young mother, 21, who “was always full of life”.


Megan Morrey, 21, who died in August at her home in Norris Green, was paid tribute.

A young mother of two who was found dead in her home was “full of life” and had a “heart of gold,” said her devastated family today.

Megan Morrey’s family said she would be remembered as “full of life, always adventurous, a karaoke queen, singing and joking”.

“She was so loving, who would do anything for anyone.

Today, her own mother told Echo on behalf of the family: “Megan was full of life, always adventurous, a karaoke queen, singing and joking, extremely sentimental.

The former student of Holly Lodge Girls’ School was remembered for her “loving” nature and was described as a “fantastic mother”.

“Hundreds came to her funeral wearing personalized t-shirts, people were so shocked.

“Megan was a fantastic mother who idolized her two children and had so many friends.

The 21-year-old returned home on August 7 after seeing her ex-partner and spent time at Face Time and WhatsApp before sending him a message indicating that she was upset.

“It’s just tragic, you just don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head”.

Her mother and sister came to her home, unable to contact her, and found that she had died sadly.

Megan, who previously lived in Tuebrook, leaves behind two small children.

In today’s investigation of Megan in Kirkdale, Deputy Medical Examiner David Lewis concluded that it was suicide.

The family tribute added: “Megan was very loving, even her elementary and high school teachers came to the funeral.

“Megan had a heart of gold.”

“The funeral director of Anfield Crematorium said it was the largest funeral he had ever seen, with hundreds of people lining the streets.

Deputy Medical Examiner Lewis told her family that the 21-year-old had “so much to live for”, adding: “It may have happened in the heat of the moment when her state of mind was not quite right.

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