Hawaii can’t keep tourists off the ‘Stairway To Heaven,’ therefore it’s being demolished.


Hawaii can’t keep tourists off the ‘Stairway To Heaven,’ therefore it’s being demolished.

Mayor Rick Blangiardi approved a $1 million plan Tuesday to demolish Honolulu’s “Stairway to Heaven” or “Haiku Stairs,” citing safety issues that “cannot be disregarded.”

Trespassers can face a $1,000 punishment if they enter the famous World War II trail that snakes through the mountains, which has been closed to the public since the 1980s. Some roaming hikers, who are vulnerable to injury, have not been deterred by the deterrents.

In an email, Blangiardi stated, “We have listened to the several persuasive reasons and appreciate all the criticism and information received from both sides of the Ha‘ik Stairs issue.”

“We realize the importance of the steps to specific community groups, but issues like trespassing, personal injuries, invasive species, and overall public safety must be addressed.”

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The city council voted to include the project that will be demolished in the city budget this year. The money had to be approved before they could be released from Blangiardi.

According to the Associated Press, Honolulu police made 93 trespassing arrests in a 10-day span in March.

The 3,922 stairwells lead to a beautiful view of the Haiku Valley, which is 2,800 feet above sea level and on the edge of the Koolau Mountains. It’s a unique location that makes it difficult to keep visitors and hikers out.

There is no legal parking or entrance to the stairwell that does not trespass through a residential area, making it extremely inconvenient for residents in the vicinity.

He went on to say, “Fundamentally, it is wrong to have a high-use tourist attraction enter through this residential neighborhood, which has the capacity to offer necessary facilities or parking.” “In addition, there is no unrestricted access to the steps, and the principal landowner at the bottom has made it apparent that it does not want to provide access. As a result, my administration supports the City Council’s decision to remove the stairs, and we aim to proceed with the appropriate plans,” Blangiardi wrote in an email.

The state of Hawaii is paying $1 million to demolish the perilous “Stairway to Heaven” mountain trail https://t.co/wubzZIoy1J pic.twitter.com/lMonDVdLJe

Hawaii is destroying the popular ‘Stairway to Heaven’ route on Instagram https://t.co/G72JnVDhcj


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