Hatay: PKK terrorist blows himself up after police control


A PKK terrorist blew himself up at a police checkpoint in Iskenderun in southern Turkey. His accomplice was able to flee at first, but was caught by security officers.

After a police checkpoint and a subsequent chase, a follower of the banned terrorist organization PKK blew himself up in Iskenderun in southern Turkey. Another terrorist first fled, but was then caught, said the governor of Hatay province, Rahmi Doğan, on Monday evening. He had been injured in the process. There are no further dead or injured.

In the past few days, security forces in the region have conducted several operations against PKK members, Doğan said.

Earlier, the governor had announced that there had been an explosion after a police control and a terrorist had been put out of action. NTV reported that a suspect had blown himself up with a hand grenade. Images published by the state news agency Anadolu showed damaged vehicles. According to the report, police, ambulance and fire department were on site. Iskenderun is located near the Syrian border, but does not border directly on the civil war country.

Last week, the U.S. embassy had warned of potential terrorist attacks and hostage-taking in Turkey, especially against Americans and other foreigners. In Turkey, both the terrorist militia Daesh and the terrorist organization PKK have carried out serious attacks in the past.

In its more than 30-year-long terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – which is classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the USA and the European Union – was responsible for the death of 40,000 people, including women and children.



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