Harry condemns the ‘brutal’ incident in Afghanistan that murdered ten people.


Harry condemns the ‘brutal’ incident in Afghanistan that murdered ten people.

The Duke of Sussex has called an attack on an Afghan demining camp that killed ten civilians a “act of barbarism.”

The attack on workers for the Halo Trust, a British charity backed by Harry, in the country’s northern Baghlan region injured 16 people.

In a statement released Thursday evening, Harry urged the charity’s fans to “rise behind their cause and aid in any way.”

“On Tuesday night, 26 members of The Halo Trust’s Afghanistan team were killed or injured in what was nothing short of a barbaric act,” he stated.

“I pay tribute to those who have died and urge assistance for the survivors and families of those who have been touched. Those who work for Halo in Afghanistan confront dangers on a daily basis in their efforts to heal the long-term — and still lethal — scars of war and warfare.

“The men who were assaulted are from the same neighborhoods where they work. They joined Halo in order to preserve and restore their homeland.

“As far as I can tell, the deminers who died were also safeguarding their buddies. Every day, these professionals risk their lives to make the world a safer place.

“This heinous act serves as a stark reminder that we must support humanitarian relief workers and the people they serve.”

The attack was carried out by an unknown armed gang, according to the Halo Trust.

The incident was claimed to be the work of an affiliate of the so-called Islamic State.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a supporter of the Halo Trust, which has a close relationship with the Duke of Sussex.

During a trip to Africa in 2019, Harry stepped in the footsteps of his mother, who, in 1997, walked through a partially cleared Angolan minefield to highlight the trust’s activities and the dangers of military bombs.

In Dirico, southern Angola, the duke witnessed Halo’s work while wearing body armour and a face mask.


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