Hancock said the government is working on measures for quarantine-free travel.


Hancock said the government is working on measures for quarantine-free travel.

The government is “working on” plans enabling fully vaccinated Britons to travel without quarantine, but overseas travel remains a “difficult” subject, according to Matt Hancock.

Ministers are looking into how to get rid of the 10-day isolation rule for persons returning from an amber list country, according to the Health Secretary.

He stated that he is “in favor of pushing forward in this area” and that quarantine should be replaced with daily testing.

He told Sky News, “This hasn’t been professionally advised yet — we’re working on it.”

“We’re working on ideas to use the vaccine to restore some of the freedoms that had to be curtailed in order to keep people safe.

“After all, that is the whole point of the immunization campaign, which is why it is critical that every adult get the shot.”

“We’ll get there when it’s safe to do so,” Mr Hancock replied when asked if these measures could be in place as soon as August.

He told LBC radio that the government is being “conservative about international travel” to protect domestic gains.

“However, the entire goal of the vaccine program is to be able to eliminate limits, and for individuals to be able to be kept safe by the vaccine rather than by these rules,” he continued.

“So, instead of needing to have the quarantine in some instances, we’re working on a plan for the double-vaccinated folks, employing tests, and having that testing system in place.

“We’re working with physicians to make sure the strategy is safe and secure, so I can’t give you a certain timetable, but I can say that I’m in favor of moving forward in this area.”

The Health Secretary also stated that the Government is “on track” to ease limitations in England on July 19, but conceded that lifting restrictions abroad is “more difficult.”

“Thankfully, due of the immunization campaign, we have been able to remove a large number of the limitations here,” he told Sky News. (This is a brief piece.)


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