Guests who have not been vaccinated must remain on board the ship in San Juan.


Guests who have not been vaccinated must remain on board the ship in San Juan.

According to reports, new regulations have been issued by the port of San Juan in Puerto Rico, requiring all unvaccinated passengers aboard Carnival’s newest cruise ship, the Mardi Gras, to remain on board when the ship arrives.

The agreement specifies that guests who have not been completely vaccinated for COVID-19 must stay onboard the ship and are not permitted to participate in any excursions or tours in Puerto Rico, according to Cruise Hive.

Carnival Cruises has issued a comprehensive set of regulations and safeguards for its passengers, one of which is to adhere to all local protocols in ports outside of the United States. Only vaccinated guests are permitted to engage in Carnival-operated trips and individual sightseeing, according to the website.

Carnival does have a vaccine exemption program that is available to no more than 5% of passengers onboard and meets the cruise line’s 95 percent vaccination requirement. Guests who have filed for an exemption due to health or religious reasons, as well as children under the age of 16, are exempt.

Carnival delivered the following letter to guests who applied for the vaccine exemption, according to Cruise Hive:

“According to our records, you’ve either been granted a vaccine exemption or submitted a request that is awaiting confirmation. Our destination needs are constantly changing. We wanted to let you know that due to our port agreement with San Juan, unvaccinated passengers would be required to stay on board during our excursions to the island.”

“We apologize for any disappointment and expect you will enjoy the program of onboard activities we have planned for the day,” Carnival stated, offering refunds for excursions.

The Mardis Gras will set sail from Port Canaveral on July 31 on a seven-day journey across the Eastern Caribbean, docking in San Juan on August 3, then visiting two more ports before returning to Florida.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for cruise ships have been a source of contention for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He promised earlier this month that he will take the CDC to the Supreme Court to fight it.

“Can you just have one government agency shut down an entire department without Congress enacting a law? This is a condensed version of the information.


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