Greta Thunberg criticizes the United Nations and world leaders for making empty promises to young climate activists.


Greta Thunberg criticizes the United Nations and world leaders for making empty promises to young climate activists.

Geta Thunberg, a young climate activist, expressed her dissatisfaction with world leaders during a Youth4Climate rally in Milan, Italy, according to the Associated Press.

“Words are all we get from our so-called leaders. “Words that sound nice but haven’t resulted in any action so far,” she explained. “Their meaningless words and promises sink our hopes and dreams. Of course, meaningful discourse is required, but they have already endured 30 years of blah, blah, blah. And where have we ended up?”

Around 400 activists from 180 nations attended the Youth4Climate meeting, which will transmit their recommendations for change to the United Nations climate summit, which will begin on October 31.

Thunberg claimed that it is not too late to reverse detrimental climate trends if leaders actually listen to their concerns and modify their behavior, and even called the Youth4Climate event’s veracity into question.

“They allow a select group of young people to act as though they are paying attention to us, but they aren’t. They’re certainly not paying attention to us. Take a look at the figures. Emissions are continuing to rise. Thunberg stated, “Science does not lie.”

Thunberg was not alone in her dissatisfaction with the event; fellow climate activist Vanessa Nakate also spoke out.

“We were promised funds by 2020, but we have yet to receive them,” Nakate said.

”There will be no more empty meetings. It’s time to show us your cash. It’s now, it’s now, it’s now. And don’t forget to listen to the people and areas that are the most affected.”

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Nakete discussed the issues she had witnessed, such as police removing a body washed away by heavy storms in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

After her passionate speech, she broke down in tears and sought consolation from Thunberg, who had followed her to the podium.

“Leaders are fond of saying, ‘We can accomplish it.’ Obviously, they don’t mean it. “However, we do,” Thunberg stated.

Even as wildfires in California and Greece, as well as floods in Germany and Belgium, show that “loss and damage is now possible everywhere,” Nakate, a 24-year-old Ugandan, said pledges of 100 billion euros ($117 billion) a year to help countries particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change have not materialized.

Nakate made a powerful point on how climate change is harming Africa. This is a condensed version of the information.


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