Great British Bake Off fans should be wary of contestants, according to Paul Hollywood.


Great British Bake Off fans should be wary of contestants, according to Paul Hollywood.

Before the return of The Great British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood has issued a caution to all viewers.

Comments directed towards contestants will not be accepted, according to TV judge Paul, who warns that such remarks can “hurt individuals.”

Paul, a Wirral baker, recently rushed to Laura Adlington’s defense, denouncing the “disgusting behavior” of violent online trolls.

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Paul said he has received online criticism and has become accustomed to it but still gets upset, adding that show contestants are “raw, they’re new, they’re not used to this” ahead of the new series of the hit Channel 4 show.

“Last year, I had to come out in support of Laura because it was out of order,” he stated.

“It had gotten out of hand, and it’s so easy in lockdown when people have nothing else to do that all they want to do is bombard someone they don’t like, and you can’t feed into people like that; you have to be very careful – and so I had to say something.

“I think you’re always going to have sides, you know, it’s like football – you’re always going to have one side against another, but I think as long as you support them, which Bake Off does, I saw what was going on and I had to say something,” she says.

“It’s difficult,” he continued. Finally, I’ve had to deal with a lot of crap; it’s what it is; there’s a backlash, and you grow used to it, but it still irritates me.

“I’m a judge on a baking program; I’m not a politician; I’m not anything else; I’m just a baker, and I get besieged with things I shouldn’t be bombarded with.

“So, I’ve learned to deal with that, no matter how difficult it is, but it’s not fair on the bakers because they’re raw, inexperienced, and unaccustomed to this, and you have to be extremely cautious.

“This has the potential to harm individuals, and I believe you should use extreme caution. There will be a backlash, and you will face it.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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