Germany is launching a digital vaccination pass that may be used across the EU.


Germany is launching a digital vaccination pass that may be used across the EU.

As Europe prepares for the peak summer travel season, Germany has begun rolling out a digital immunization pass that can be used across the continent.

Vaccination centers, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies will gradually begin issuing digital passes to fully vaccinated persons, according to the country’s health minister.

The CovPass will allow customers to download proof of coronavirus vaccination status to a smartphone app, providing them convenient access to restaurants, museums, and other locations that require proof of immunization.

By the end of this month, Health Minister Jens Spahn expects the vaccination passport to be available to everyone in Germany who is completely vaccinated.

Mr Spahn told reporters in Berlin, “The idea is that this certificate can also be utilized in Helsinki, Amsterdam, or Majorca.”

People who have previously had all of their vaccinations will receive a letter with a QR code that they can scan with their phones, or they can contact their doctors or pharmacists to obtain a digital pass.

“By doing so, we, the European Union, are establishing a cross-border norm that does not yet exist anywhere else in the world,” he said, adding that the digital vaccination pass is a critical step toward the recovery of international tourism travel.

The Robert Koch Institute, the country’s disease control organization, revealed on Thursday that 47 percent of the population, or 39.1 million individuals, have been vaccinated at least once. Almost a quarter of the population, or 19.9 million people, have received all of their vaccines.

Almost 1.3 million individuals were vaccinated on Wednesday, the second largest daily figure since the country’s immunization campaign began late last year.


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