Georgia voters’ ballot fraud case has been dismissed, and an official has hailed it as a “victory for democracy.”


Georgia voters’ ballot fraud case has been dismissed, and an official has hailed it as a “victory for democracy.”

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed a complaint filed by Georgia voters alleging ballot fraud in the 2020 election, which a county official described as a “victory for democracy.”

In December, nine Georgia voters filed a complaint requesting a review of 147,000 absentee ballots to determine their legality, as well as purported proof of fraudulent ballots and unlawful ballot counting in Fulton County. Garland Favorito, a longstanding opponent of Georgia’s electoral processes, lead the lawsuit.

Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Robb Pitts, applauded the judge’s dismissal of the lawsuit on Wednesday.

Pitts stated in an emailed statement, “Today was a success for democracy.” “The Big Lie, which is nothing more than a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by people who can’t accept that their side lost, led to this lawsuit. Its failure here today should reverberate across the country.” See the following links for further Associated Press reporting: In his decision dismissing the case, Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero stated that the plaintiffs “failed to identify a particularized injury” and thus lacked standing to assert that their state constitutional rights to equal protection and due process had been violated.

Amero also mentioned that Georgia’s secretary of state’s office had responded with a “substantive and detailed answer” to his request for an update on any investigations into suspicions of forged or counterfeit votes in Fulton County.

After the verdict, Favorito expressed disappointment, saying that his team had “worked tirelessly to exhibit the proof of our charges” during a hearing the judge had originally scheduled for November 15.

In an email, Favorito said, “All citizens of Georgia have a right to know whether or not counterfeit ballots were injected into the Fulton [County] election results, how many were injected, where they came from, and how we can prevent it from happening again in future elections.” “Any organization that covertly tells us there are no counterfeit ballots and refuses to let the public view them is insufficient.” Former President Donald Trump was enraged by his narrow loss in a historically red state, and he turned his rage on Georgia, specifically Fulton County. He and his friends slammed the state’s senior Republican elected officials. This is a condensed version of the information.


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