Gavin Newsom in the year 2024? Why Democrats are looking for a replacement for Kamala Harris.


Gavin Newsom in the year 2024? Why Democrats are looking for a replacement for Kamala Harris.

Democrats in Washington and across the country were quietly beginning to face their political dilemma even before President Joe Biden’s favor ratings plummeted following the botched American departure from Afghanistan. Who will be their nominee if Biden, who will be 82 years old in 2024, does not run for re-election (because he and many around him fear he is not physically or mentally up to it)?

Vice President Kamala Harris was the inevitable (though not particularly welcome) response. But what about now? California Governor Gavin Newsom just won a landslide victory in the recall election. Newsom has firmly established himself in that discourse following his facile victory in Tuesday’s recall election, which was far from a certain conclusion. By contrasting California’s effectiveness in dealing with the pandemic with the terrible infection rates reported in Texas and Florida, and by portraying primary Republican opponent Larry Elder, a conservative talk show presenter, as the personification of “Trumpism,” he effectively nationalized the election. Republicans who thought that opposition to mask mandates would be a winning wedge issue were dealt a blow with his victory.

No matter who the GOP opponent is in 2024, any Democratic nominee will strive to accomplish that. According to one prominent Democrat who is a significant fundraiser, there is now “no doubt” that Newsom has some national support. He explains, “Progressives like him, but he’s not seen as a madman.” “But he’s a straight white male,” he adds half-jokingly, given how identity politics-obsessed many Democratic activists are. So that may be an issue.”

Why are Democratic operatives relieved to view Newsom as a viable candidate for the 2020 election? They’re eager, if not frantic, for a replacement for the vice president. On the surface, Harris appears to be a Democrat’s dream date: a woman of color with a long political career that includes attorney general of California, U.S. senator, and now the first woman vice president from the country’s most blue state. That’s why Biden chose her as his running partner last year, and it’s why, if Biden decides not to run in 2024, she’ll be the presumptive nominee. In the week leading up to the election, she even campaigned for Newsom in the Bay Area.

However, a growing number of Democratic activists and fundraisers have quietly admitted this. This is a condensed version of the information.


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