Gabby Petito’s father appeals to the public to assist in the search for other missing people.


Gabby Petito’s father appeals to the public to assist in the search for other missing people.

During the Petito family’s first news appearance after Gabby Petito’s body was discovered, the late 22-year-father old’s urged the public to assist in the search for other missing people in the same way that they had rallied around his daughter in recent weeks.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Joesph Petito remarked, “I don’t want to downplay the extremely hard work that the FBI and law enforcement all around accomplished, but social media has been amazing and very influential.” “To be honest, I think it should go on for a while longer for other individuals as well. Everyone should maintain the same level of heightened awareness.”

“I’d want to appeal to everyone to assist all of the folks who are missing and in need of assistance. As I have stated, it is up to all of you, everyone in this room, to achieve that,” he told a group of reporters. “It’s a pity if you don’t do something for other missing persons because it’s not just Gabby who deserves it.”

Petito, who went missing last month while on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé Brian Laundrie, drew a lot of attention from social media users who wanted to raise awareness about her case and bring justice to the Long Island, New York native.

An autopsy of a body discovered in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park last week proved that it was Petito’s and that her death was a homicide.

Many social media users have used Petito’s story to reactivate searches for other missing people, particularly people of color whose stories have received little attention online or in the media.

Despite the fact that the FBI has not named Laundrie, 23, as a suspect in the case, he has been described as a person of interest, and he has been missing since returning to the couple’s shared home in Florida without his fiancée.

Laundrie’s parents have denied assisting their son in fleeing their Florida home or assisting him in avoiding arrest, claiming they are “worried” about him and do not know where he is currently.

Petito’s family has been pleading with the Laundrie family to help them find their daughter since the beginning of the case.

“We were unable to locate Gabby thanks to the Laundries. They’re definitely going. This is a condensed version of the information.


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