Gabby Petito was strangled by ‘human hands,’ and her body was dumped ‘quickly,’ according to experts.


Gabby Petito was strangled by ‘human hands,’ and her body was dumped ‘quickly,’ according to experts.

According to an expert, Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old YouTuber who never returned alive after a cross-country vacation with her fiancé, was killed by strangulation and deposited “quickly.”

Petito died by “manual strangulation” or “throttling,” according to Teton County Coroner Brent Blue, who said she was slain with human hands in a final autopsy report issued Tuesday.

“Throttling” is a term used to describe when something is done with human hands rather than an instrument. It doesn’t have to be, but manual strangulation means it wasn’t done using equipment, according to Blue, who spoke to

Petito’s body was discovered in an undeveloped campsite in Teton County, Wyoming, on Sept. 19, at least three weeks after the coroner thought she had been murdered.

Blue refused to reveal more facts regarding Petito’s case, such as the time of her death or the condition of her body upon discovery, during the announcement of the autopsy results, claiming that he was not allowed to do so under Wyoming law.

However, Kurt Morgan, a long-serving Salt Lake City prosecutor, believes that footage recorded at the crime scene on the day of the discovery shows Petito’s body was thrown away in haste. He also noticed a pair of hiking boots near Petito’s body, implying that the assailant hastily cleaned up the crime scene.

Morgan told KSLTV, which received images of the crime scene, “This was swift.” “We weren’t here for five or six hours trying to figure out how to hide a crime.” The postmortem results could lead to a first-degree murder indictment for the person detained in Petito’s death, according to Mark Eiglarsh, a criminal defense attorney and former Miami-Dade County prosecutor.

“I believe there’s a good argument that if premeditation didn’t exist before to physical contact, it almost likely developed during the strangulation,” he told Fox News on Tuesday.

Petito went missing on Sept. 11, more than a week after her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, left her alone in her white vehicle in North Port, Florida. Later, her remains were discovered.

Laundrie, 23, is the only person of interest in the young woman’s death.

His family claims they haven’t seen him since he left the house on Sept. 14 to go hiking in the adjacent Carlton Reserve.

Between August 30 and September 1, Laundrie is wanted for illegally using Petito’s credit card to make a purchase or withdraw $1,000.


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