Fugitive who escaped slavery accused of lying about his age by society


After a long and dangerous journey from Africa to Britain, the boy, who cannot be identified, is originally from Sierra Leone and claimed asylum in Liverpool.

After a council study concluded he had lied about his age, a youth escaping suspected slavery, human trafficking and sexual exploitation was grilled.

A High Court judge was told that “harsh, repetitive, intimidating and incoherent questioning.” was subjected to the teenager.

The city council, however, requested a reassessment of his age “without good reason” in March this year.

When he arrived in the city in September 2019, the council had originally thought his age was 16, ensuring he was regarded as a looked-after child and put in semi-independent accommodation.

But before determining he was about 20, a court heard evaluators employed by Liverpool City Council subjected him to “harsh, repetitive, intimidating and incoherent questioning”

If the child is listed as an adult, it would mean the Home Officer would be responsible for his treatment.


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