Friendly stranger pays the vet bill of the dog owner after attack on the Pitbull cemetery.


Barbara Robinson, 69, was walking her dogs and her son through Smithdown Road Cemetery on Saturday afternoon when the terrible attack occurred.

One dog owner was left in a “state of shock” after a pit bull ripped her dog’s throat while walking through a Liverpool cemetery.

Barbara said the nurse’s friendly gesture “restored her faith in human nature” after a traumatic afternoon.

“I decided to take a diversionary tactic and cut along the wet grass to avoid it.

said Barbara from Wavertree: “My son and I regularly take our dogs for walks in the cemetery. We just went for a walk and I saw a man on a bicycle with a pit bull.

Her nine year old staffy, Dougie, had to have his throat stapled back together after the owner of the pit bull unplugged the leash, allowing him to attack the family and their dogs.

Barbara said her son tried to get rid of the pit bull while his owner raced over and started “hitting his dog on the head” to get him to release his bite.

“But before I could even do that, the dog broke down for him and ran down the path. He pounced on my dog.

“My son stood in front of my dog, but the pit bull just walked in and closed his jaw around my dog’s neck.

Finally the dog let go of his bite and Barbara and her son managed to get their injured dog and her son’s dog back to their car, but their ordeal was not over.

She told Echo that she was “numb” with fear and trembling as the two men worked to free the pit bull from her helpless dog.

said Barbara: “Just as we were closing the doors, the pit bull came running towards us again and threw itself on the car.

“He jumped on the hood at the front, then ran to the rear window and grabbed the windows where my son’s dog was.

Barbara said she must have looked “shocked” at the vets when a woman with a small dog came up to her and started talking to her while Dougie was seen.

She said the owner of the pit bull had barely apologized before taking his dog and left them to drive to their vets on Allerton Road for an emergency appointment to look at Dougie’s wounds.

She said she felt like she was going to faint and the woman told her she had to sit down and offered to buy her a cup of tea.

Barbara said she didn’t need anything, but the woman was persistent and said, “I’m a nurse and I think you need something”…


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