France: Le Pen demands a headscarf ban for women in public


France is to ban the wearing of a Muslim headscarf in public. This is demanded by Marine Le Pen, leader of the extreme right-wing Party of National Unity (FN). Her demand is a “declaration of war against Islam”.

The chairwoman of the extreme right-wing Party of National Unity (FN), Marine Le Pen, demands a headscarf ban in France for Muslim women in public.

Since the debate began in 1989, the number of Muslim women wearing headscarves has risen rapidly. Therefore, the wearing of headscarves in public must be banned, Le Pen said on the TV show “Grand Jury”.

Declaration of war against Islam

Their demand was a declaration of war against Islamic ideology and Islam itself-not against the state. The Islamic worldview is the enemy of France. Therefore, organizations that support this view should be banned. She called for mosques to be closed and “foreigners” to be deported.

In order to protect itself from terror, France had to renounce some European human rights, she said. The recalling of the French ambassador from Turkey was an important step, Le Pen commented. However, it was not a strong reaction.

France recalled its ambassador from Ankara for consultations. Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had criticized the growing Islamophobia in Europe and condemned Macron’s statements against Muslims.

Le Pen demanded that the European Union should also take a stand against Turkey. Erdoğan had preferred to insult Macron rather than express his condolences for the teacher who had been killed. The step was therefore unavoidable, she said on Twitter.

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