France: Almost one million infected, economic collapse feared.


France reaches a new peak with over 41,000 new corona infections. The government is now reacting by extending the night-time curfews. The fear of an economic slump is growing, however.

France has reached a peak value with 41,622 new corona infections within 24 hours. That is about 15,000 more than the day before, the authorities announced on Thursday evening. The total number of infections rose to 999,000, almost reaching the one million mark.

France, with its population of around 67 million, is severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Jean Castex had announced that the night-time curfew already in force in Paris and other major cities would be extended to around two thirds of the country’s population.

The curfew would then apply from Saturday onwards in 54 départements and the French overseas territory of French Polynesia. According to the government, 251 people per 100,000 inhabitants have become infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days. More than 34,000 people have died so far.

“This would be an economic catastrophe for everyone”

France fears an economic slump also in the fourth quarter from October to December due to the strict regulations to contain the Corona pandemic. Minister of Economic Affairs Bruno Le Maire said on Friday on the Europe 1 channel that in the fourth quarter “we could have a negative growth figure”.

The regional newspaper “Le Parisien” commented on Friday on the situation and warned that the country was heading for an economic catastrophe: “A renewed lockdown would not necessarily be nationwide, but local, such as in Germany, Spain or Italy. The next step would be a nationwide lockdown. That would be an economic disaster for everyone: private individuals, the self-employed, companies and the state.



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