Four major takeaways from Prime Minister’s Questions, which were tight and acrimonious.


Four major takeaways from Prime Minister’s Questions, which were tight and acrimonious.

Boris Johnson’s unwillingness to recognise or apologise for statements he allegedly made that Coronavirus only killed people in their eighties was a significant moment in the penultimate Prime Minister’s Questions before the summer recess.

The Prime Minister appeared virtually in the chamber from Chequers, his country house, where he will remain for a period of self-isolation after facing widespread criticism for wanting to bypass the process entirely.

Former adviser Dominic Cummings accused Johnson of claiming that the average age for Coronavirus deaths was over 80 just before the November 2020 lockdown, prompting the scary line from the PM, “get Covid and live longer.”

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However, Labour leader Kier Starmer chastised the PM in the Commons today, asking if Johnson would apologise for his reported remarks.

The Prime Minister made no attempt to refute the veracity of the texts he is said to have sent, and he also declined to apologize for them, instead instead to focus emphasis on the vaccine campaign.

“Nothing I can say from this virtual dispatch box can compensate for the agony and loss caused by this pandemic,” he remarked.

The omission of an apology was also noted by SNP member Ian Blackford, who stated, “The PM wrote those words while the NHS was facing its darkest hour in history.”

“While doctors and nurses battled to prevent the pandemic, the Prime Minister openly promoted allowing the virus to spread.”

The PM could only respond by refusing to apologize yet again, claiming that Blackford had “grossly mischaracterized the substance of those statements.”

This was one of the most critical exchanges of today’s session, and here are three more.

Johnson refused to apologise for his weekend attempts to place himself and Chancellor Rishi Sunak in a pilot program that would allow him to escape self-isolation. It was yet another wasted opportunity for the Prime Minister to apologize.

Keir Starmer took up on this as well, saying, “The British people are attempting to follow the.”Summary ends.”


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