Former nurse faces 15 years in prison for hiring a woman in a foreign country to film a murder.


Former nurse faces 15 years in prison for hiring a woman in a foreign country to film a murder.

For hiring a woman in a foreign nation to record a murder, a former nurse faces 15 years in prison.

A Vermont man faces 15 years in prison after hiring a woman in Venezuela to abduct a man and videotape his murder, as well as fabricate a recording of child abuse.

Sean Fiore, 37, of Burlington, was arrested in May 2019 but pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire, conspiracy to abduct or murder a person in a foreign country, conspiracy to manufacture child pornography, and possession of child pornography on October 14th, according to court documents. When Fiore was arrested, he was going to finish his nurse practitioner degree.

The state’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (VT-ICAC) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) examined fifteen residences in Vermont after receiving internet tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and leads from an undercover operation. Fiore’s digital media was one of the subjects of the search warrants.

According to Fiore’s plea agreement, he spoke with co-defendant Moraima Escarlet Vasquez Flores, who was stationed in Venezuela, in September 2018 to obtain a video depicting her kidnapping and abusing a “slave” from the South American country.

After Fiore gave her precise directions about what he was looking for, Vasquez Flores agreed to make the film for $600. Fiore sent the money through Amazon gift cards. According to the two, Vasquez Flores planned to make the film with the help of a child.

Vasquez Flores allegedly sent Fiore a link to a video online in October depicting “sadistic torture of a prepubescent juvenile commensurate with Fiore’s demands,” according to court filings. The movie was created to sexually arouse the spectator, according to court documents.

Fiore informed Vasquez Flores that he planned to purchase another film depicting the woman beating and killing a “slave” from her country, and the two remained in contact over WhatsApp. She told Fiore that she was planning to kidnap an adult male in exchange for sex with him.

Fiore informed Vasquez Flores what he wanted in the movie, which included striking the victim, smoking a cigarette on him, peeing and defecating on him, and choking the “slave” to death.

According to court documents, Fiore agreed to pay Vasquez Flores $4,000 in December 2018. The following is a condensed version of the data.


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