Former Everton midfielder Phil Jagielka’s brother was discovered deceased at his house.


Former Everton midfielder Phil Jagielka’s brother was discovered deceased at his house.

Earlier this year, the brother of former Everton striker Phil Jagielka was discovered dead at his house.

In March, Steve Jagielka, the brother of former Everton midfielder Phil Jagielka, was discovered dead.

The circumstances surrounding his death were heard at an inquest today, leading coroner John Ellery to find, “There is no suggestion that his death was deliberate.”

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Mr. Jagielka had a successful football career, becoming a fan favorite at Shrewsbury Town, where he appeared over 200 times.

The midfielder began his career at Stoke City and has also played for Sheffield United and Accrington Stanley.

According to BirminghamLive, the 43-year-old was discovered dead at his Shropshire home on March 15 after emergency services were contacted when he was found unresponsive.

PC Dawn Tigwell of West Mercia Police replied to the call and attended the residence in Rodington, a village between Shrewsbury and Telford, according to his inquest in Shrewsbury today.

She stated in a statement that they received a call from William Martin, who said his neighbor’s cousin Lee Roberts had gone into the house and discovered Mr Jagielka dead.

“When we arrived at the property, we were greeted by Martin, who had an English Bull Dog with him,” she continued.

“Martin revealed that his next-door neighbor’s cousin, Lee Roberts, was distraught and was currently in his kitchen after being the first to witness Jagielka.”

Mr Jagielka had been working as a fitter in Manchester and had planned to move up there, according to Mr Roberts.

On March 12, Mr. Jagielka and Mr. Roberts returned to the property to pack up goods and go out for dinner and drink before Mr. Jagielka went to a friend to “pick up some cocaine,” leaving Mr. Roberts in the car.

He told PC Tigwell that they spent the weekend relaxing and watching TV.

Mr Roberts used his cousin’s vehicle to pack up a variety of items on March 15, departing at 10 a.m. to return to Manchester, according to the inquest.

Mr Jagielka was on the sofa as he departed, and Mr Roberts described him as sluggish, as if he had been “on a session,” although “The summary has come to an end.”


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