For worried dogs, a holistic groomer offers reiki, and they all get a blueberry facial.


For worried dogs, a holistic groomer offers reiki, and they all get a blueberry facial.

Taking our adorable pups to the groomer is an important part of being a good dog owner, and their coats, like our own, require regular maintenance.

However, while a trip to the hairdresser might be relaxing for us humans, not all dogs love it. It can be really distressing for some people.

However, a groomer in Childwall goes to great lengths to ensure that her four-legged customers appreciate their pampering, which includes reiki.

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Julie Wakeham, owner of Hair of the Dog, a holistic dog grooming business, places a high value on making her facility a relaxing environment for dogs.

She not only wants them to leave looking gorgeous, but she also wants them to leave pleased.

However, what exactly is holistic dog grooming?

“What we do is we just sort of treat each dog individually, so it’s not like a conveyor belt style,” Julie explained.

“We want them to be excited to come in.”

The difference between ordinary grooming and holistic grooming, according to Julie, is that holistic grooming uses as many natural materials as possible, does not utilize cages or crates, and allows dogs to roam freely around the salon, even playing with other dogs.

“Plus, we have lavender burning all day, which is quite relaxing. They’re much more sensitive to odors, and we also create a really tranquil, peaceful atmosphere,” Julie explained.

“We simply try to make it as stress-free as possible for them, because they’re going to be separated from their owners for a few of hours.”

And it appears to be working, as Julie noted that owners have told her that their dogs scratch at the shutters to get in even when they are closed.

Reiki is another treatment offered by the business owner, albeit she prefers to use it to relax dogs rather than as a treatment in and of itself.

“If they’re really, very nervous,” Julie explained, “I perform reiki, which is another kind of technique that can help sort of reduce a little of anxiety.”

“It’s pretty much the same as when you’re dealing with humans.

“You just sort of place your hands on them, and it’s like a transference of energy,. Summary ends.


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