For wearing’revealing’ trousers, a schoolgirl was kicked out.


For wearing’revealing’ trousers, a schoolgirl was kicked out.

A girl was kicked out of school after she said she was forced to change her pants because her ankles were visible and could be bothersome to other students and teachers.

Staff at John Smeaton Academy in Leeds ordered Olivia Harrison from Leeds to acquire new garments from lost property around lunchtime on Monday, September 13.

“[The staff member] stated I needed to change my trousers and socks because my ankles were visible, and she felt it was distracting for other students and teachers,” Olivia told LeedsLive.

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“Are you saying they’re going to be turned on?” I asked. And [the employee]replied, “Well, I wouldn’t put it that way.”

“She also claimed my trousers exposed too much of my figure.”

After refusing to wear lost property trousers, the Year 9 student was placed in solitary.

When she refused to comply with the punishment, she was expelled from school for two days and sent home, with three more days of isolation to fulfill when she returns on Thursday.

Karen Harrison, Olivia’s mother, said several children have broken uniform regulations since the school was taken over by The Gorse Academies Trust at the start of the school year.

“It’s become pretty awful the last two weeks,” she remarked.

“Olivia’s trousers are from Debenhams, and she’s worn them before without issue.

“I’ll have to order some more trousers now.”

“They should be more concerned with education than with what students wear.”

Karen stated that she attempted to call the school several times but was unsuccessful.

“We have the highest standards throughout all areas of school life, whether it is in the classroom, in terms of behavior, or in terms of uniform,” a representative for The Grove Academies Trust said.

“We make no apologies for this, and we are glad that the vast majority of pupils follow these rules.

“However, we have clear policies in place where pupils do not meet them.

“We can not comment on particular cases, but we can clarify that no parental complaint has been received in this matter.”


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