For the first time, weekday traffic exceeds pre-pandemic levels.


For the first time, weekday traffic exceeds pre-pandemic levels.

New data shows that weekday traffic has surpassed pre-pandemic levels for the first time.

According to Department for Transport figures, the number of vehicles on Britain’s roadways on May 28 was 104 percent of what it was before the virus outbreak.

The fact that it was the Friday before a bank holiday weekend contributed to the increase in vehicle usage on that date.

Highway managers may face a significant problem as a result of this expansion.

However, traffic was still 96 percent of pre-pandemic levels for the prior four days.

Since mid-April, weekend traffic has been at or near 100 percent.

The demand for public transportation has not recovered as swiftly as the demand for automobiles.

Outside of London, bus use was 64 percent on May 28 and 65 percent within the metropolis.

Although the statistic is tentative, the number of journeys on the mainline train network was just 45 percent of average.

“Despite the seemingly inexorable rise in forecourt fuel costs over the previous year, the arrival of excellent weather and the promise of going out and about over the bank holiday weekend saw road traffic levels return to pre-pandemic levels,” said Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation.

“It remains to be seen whether traffic will continue to increase after the remaining lockout measures are relaxed.

“That development, despite the seeming popularity of home-working, might pose a significant challenge for highway employers if it returns stronger than ever in the morning and evening peaks.

“According to official figures, gasoline and diesel pump prices have climbed for the 28th week in a row, with the per litre price of gasoline now 22 percent higher than a year ago.”


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