For refusing to give money, a 70-year-old man was mutilated and stabbed 23 times by his son.


For refusing to give money, a 70-year-old man was mutilated and stabbed 23 times by his son.

A 70-year-old man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was allegedly slain by his son after he refused to give him money acquired through the sale of land and was assaulted, stripped, and stabbed more than 20 times.

Vijay Pal Chaudhary’s mangled body was discovered on the terrace of the house he shared with his sons in Daurala, Meerut, on Monday morning, according to the publication The Times of India. According to investigators, his dismembered hand and leg were also discovered near his body.

Following the discovery, authorities detained and questioned two of Chaudhary’s sons, according to the newspaper.

Abhishant, the younger son, first claimed that robbers forced their way into the family’s home on Sunday night and that their father passed out while resisting them. Abhishant also stated that when he awoke, he saw his father’s body in a pool of blood.

After the father refused to give the younger son his portion of a Rs 15 lakh ($20,350) land sale, authorities discovered that Abhishant had beaten, stripped, and stabbed Chaudhary at least 23 times.

In the report, chief constable Charan Singh Sirohi was cited as saying, “The younger son broke down during interrogation and accepted his wrongdoing.”

“I had a hard time believing what he was saying. Then some relatives told us about the Rs 15 lakh land purchase. “After the deal, [Chaudhary] had a squabble with his two sons over how the money should be shared,” he claimed.

Abhishant was arrested and charged with murder.

The ferocity of Chaudhary’s death apparently spurred police to assemble a team to crack the case.

In June, a 61-year-old dad was allegedly beaten to death by his sons over a property dispute in the Uttar Pradesh town of Manjhanpur, at the same time as rest of the world was celebrating Father’s Day.

Baijnath, the elderly victim, was allegedly taken from his home by his two sons before being beaten. Narendra, Baijnath’s youngest son, had accused his two older brothers, Surendra and Virendra, and their wives, of murdering their father.

One of Narendra’s older brothers allegedly pressed Baijnath to give them their property share and monies from their father’s retirement fund.


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