For misbehaving in class, a TikTok mom makes her 5-year-old son run in the 104-degree sun.


For misbehaving in class, a TikTok mom makes her 5-year-old son run in the 104-degree sun.

As punishment for misbehaving at school, a mother on TikTok is facing anger after forcing her 5-year-old kid to run in 104-degree heat.

The mom, identified as Katarina Rodriguez, can be seen chastising her son for having a “sad face” at school in a TikTok video she shared last week, according to The Independent.

“My 5-year-old doesn’t want to listen in school, where he makes destructive sounds, doesn’t listen, and feels he doesn’t have to settle down when he gets home from the playground,” Rodriguez was quoted as saying in the video, which has since been removed.

Rodriguez continued, saying she and her kid were “going to run in 104 degrees.”

The footage then showed her running outside their house with her son.

“This is the first time we’re going to run for his sad looks at school, and he mistook us for merely going to the mailbox, so he set off sprinting. Sprinting. Rodriguez added, occasionally turning the camera on her kid, “Now he’s dying.”

According to the story, when the mother asked the youngster if he would behave in school after the punishment, he said, “yes,” while struggling for oxygen.

The TikTok video continued inside the family’s house, where Rodriguez discussed her disciplining methods in further detail.

“We’re not going to hit,” says the narrator. We’re not going to spank you. We’re going to be strict. “We’ll see what happens tomorrow,” she said.

According to, Rodriguez’s video went viral and generated criticism from social media users who were not happy with her disciplinary measures.

“Have you considered that he may be having trouble in class because his brain functions differently, and now you’re making him feel horrible about it?” On the video, one person made a remark.

Another person remarked, “It should be you and your child against the issue, not you AGAINST your child.”

In a follow-up video, Rodriguez justified her tactics, saying, “Not that it’s anyone’s business, we’ve tried various disciplinary steps of grounding, taking things away, corners, everything.” That’s excellent if those things work for your kids. They didn’t work for my company.”

According to The Independent, the mother also claimed that the punishment worked because her son has not received any low grades since he was forced to flee.

In May, a 33-year-old mother was arrested in Louisiana after striking her daughter as punishment and posting a video of the incident on social media to disgrace the youngster.


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