For Halloween, a man decorates his home with thousands of lights.


For Halloween, a man decorates his home with thousands of lights.

A Merseyside property has been turned into a “haunted house” open to the public.

Stephen Henshall and his family have transformed their Southport home on Sidney Road into a gothic lair in time for Halloween.

Thousands of lights, as well as Halloween decorations and a “graveyard,” adorn their property.

The bulbs are connected to the music, allowing songs to be synchronized with the lights.

According to Stephen, sequencing a single song might take up to 50 hours.

“When we initially came to Southport in 2001, we decked the house in coloured lights for Christmas,” he told The Washington Newsday.

“We were among the first in Southport to recognize the importance of lighting.” Since then, we’ve continued to push ourselves, and our 2016 display garnered large numbers.

“We collected around £1600 for Freshfields Animal Rescue with our 2019 show, which had over 23,000 lights.”

“Due to the epidemic, the 2020 performance was canceled, but we are back.” Our free Halloween entertainment will take place over two evenings, with plenty of sweets, hot dogs, and hot chocolate.” Attendees are encouraged to make a gift to Freshfields Animal Rescue, a nonprofit that helps abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets.

Southport Funeral Care is the event’s main sponsor.

The lights, according to Len Coleman of Southport Funeral Care, “bring forth a fantastic communal spirit.”

The shows begin at 6 p.m. on Saturday and 5 p.m. on Sunday (October 30 and 31).


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