For Carrying a Gun During a Rally Supporting Capitol Rioters, a CBP Officer Will Not Be Charged.


For Carrying a Gun During a Rally Supporting Capitol Rioters, a CBP Officer Will Not Be Charged.

According to the Associated Press, a US Customs and Border Protection officer was caught for carrying a gun at a rally at the US Capitol on Saturday, but he will not face prosecution.

The demonstration was marketed as a show of support for those charged in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol insurgency, in which a mob of former President Donald Trump’s supporters sought to postpone the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory by breaching the Capitol.

After other rally attendees saw he had a handgun and reported him to law enforcement, the CBP officer, 27, whose name was not revealed, was arrested by Capitol Police. While federal law enables law enforcement officers to carry firearms in other states, including those with strict gun laws, this right is not granted in specific government places or military sites where carrying a gun is prohibited.

According to the Associated Press, one of these areas is the United States Capitol. Prosecutors are “not moving further with the charges,” according to a representative for the US attorney’s office in Washington, who declined to elaborate on the decision.

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Because the rally was planned as a support event for individuals charged in the January disturbance, the CBP officer’s detention and participation at the event were unexpected. As a swarm of pro-Trump rioters, some armed with pipes, bats, and bear spray, stormed into the Capitol, swiftly overrunning the beleaguered police force, scores of cops were battered, injured, and bruised.

During the incident in January, one cop was repeatedly assaulted and stunned with a stun pistol until he collapsed; another was foaming at the mouth and crying for aid as rioters squeezed him between two doors and hit him in the head with his own weapon.

Law enforcement officials had made extensive preparations for the possibility that Saturday’s rally could devolve into violence, including reinstalling the Capitol fence, activating the city’s entire police force, and requesting assistance from the National Guard, all in the hopes of preventing a repeat of the January 6 attack. Police had also warned that anyone who violated the law would face severe consequences. This is a condensed version of the information.


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