For a very important reason,’monstrosity’ pedestrian crossings have been erected.


For a very important reason,’monstrosity’ pedestrian crossings have been erected.

To lessen the number of pedestrians injured by cars, two new pedestrian crossings in Liverpool will use bright colors and distinctive designs.

The new designs in the city center and the Old Swan are the product of a Liverpool Council-commissioned experiment.

On social media, the crossings have divided opinion, with some labeling them “monstrosities” and others complimenting their unusual appearance.

Liverpool had the highest rate of adult deaths or serious injuries from pedestrian collisions in the UK in 2019, with 99 deaths or serious injuries per 100,000 people, according to the council, and these trials are part of a larger strategy devised by the council and road safety partners to help reduce that number.

A colorful and patterned design for Hanover Street, as well as a more muted design for Old Swan, were produced by So-Mo, a behavioural science business situated in the city’s Baltic Triangle.

The two areas were chosen because their collision rates are unusually high.

Many of these collisions occur on Hanover Street on weekend evenings, and are frequently linked to individuals leaving adjacent nightclubs and clubs.

It is intended that the crossing’s eye-catching design would aid the municipality and So-Mo in reducing collisions and provide crucial information on how to protect people elsewhere in the city.

“Liverpool should be proud of the fact that they are taking an inventive, clever approach to road safety,” So-Mo chief executive Nicola Wass said when the pilot was first commissioned. These crossings were constructed with a deeper knowledge of the people who use them, inspired by science.

“Doing a trial before publishing any new crossing designs helps us to know with certainty if these new parts function or not,” says the author.

Over the course of a pilot period, the designs will be evaluated and analyzed.


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