Football fans from both England and Scotland have descended on central London ahead of the Euros match.


Football fans from both England and Scotland have descended on central London ahead of the Euros match.

In the pouring rain, football fans arrived on downtown London only hours before England and Scotland face at Wembley Stadium in the latest Euros contest.

Thousands of Scottish supporters gathered at Leicester Square, wearing their country’s shirts and kilts, waving flags and setting off blue smoke bombs while chanting, singing, and playing the bagpipes.

Some England fans were also visible at the square, dressed in team shirts and waving the flag of their country.

Others were observed splashing around in the water of William Shakespeare’s fountain in the square, while others climbed to the top of the statue and placed a cone on the playwright’s head.

Others played in the dirt and tossed paper cups into the air.

Hundreds of police officers were on the outside of the gathering, keeping an eye on the spectators.

They left the centre shortly before 6.30pm to find a good place to watch their team.

Some supporters began congregating in Trafalgar Square’s ticketed fan zone.

With two big displays on either side of Nelson’s Column, the area has been set up in a socially-distanced style for 750 critical workers.

Outside the fan zone, people covered in their country’s flags sung and yelled in a “electric” atmosphere, according to one fan.

Inside, England supporter Jamie Powell expected a one-nil win for the Three Lions, but claimed it would be a “enjoyable night” regardless of the outcome.

“The mood on the drive here was electric,” said the 24-year-old London sales representative. Everyone in the room was singing.

“There were a lot of good vibes. Both groups of fans are singing. It’ll just be a fantastic night for everyone.

“Even though it’s a big game I don’t think it matters with the England/Scotland rivalry, it’s going be good one.”

Police officer and fellow England fan Marni Oldfield, 23 and from London, said: “It’s nice to be out and to be able to watch it here (in the fan zone) like this.”

Fans at Wembley painted their faces and chanted loudly in anticipation of the match.


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