Following the outlawing of six Palestinian groups, Israel plans to improve relations with the Biden administration.


Following the outlawing of six Palestinian groups, Israel plans to improve relations with the Biden administration.

According to the Associated Press, Israel is sending an envoy to the United States to boost relations as persisting rifts between Israel and the Palestinians prolong the decades-long conflict.

Israel classified six Palestinian human rights organizations to be terrorist organizations last week, prohibiting them. The proclamation sparked international outrage, with critics claiming it marked a significant increase in the crackdown on political activism in the occupied territories.

The US, Israel’s most important strategic ally, also provided feedback, but the State Department said it needed more information.

The Biden administration has attempted to restore traditional foreign policy between Israel and the Palestinians, but other domestic and international crises have taken precedence, therefore the conflict has been neglected until now.

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During his visit in the coming days, the envoy would “give them all the specifics and show them all the intelligence,” according to Joshua Zarka, a senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official.

Zarka said he personally informed US authorities last week about Israel’s decision to prohibit the groups, and that he believed Washington sought a more detailed explanation.

The decision by the rights groups is shaping up to be a litmus test for the Biden administration’s relationship with Israel’s new government, which was formed in June by eight politically diverse parties. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year rule came to an end with the formation of the coalition.

The Trump administration backed Netanyahu’s hardline government, which transferred the US embassy to Jerusalem, generally permitted settlement construction to proceed unhindered, slashed Palestinian aid, and offered a vision for the Middle East that agreed with Israel’s beliefs.

The fractured coalition administration has also attempted to downplay the Palestinian issue, vowing not to take dramatic steps that could jeopardize the country’s stability. However, it has increased its focus on the issue in recent weeks, making a number of goodwill gestures to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip while still moving forward with plans to build thousands of additional houses for Jewish settlers.

The decision on civil society groups was the most dramatic, as it shook the coalition and drew attention back to the conflict and Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestinian-claimed land for a future state.

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