Following Covid outbreaks and school closures, parents and students are being asked to be tested.


Following Covid outbreaks and school closures, parents and students are being asked to be tested.

After outbreaks of the virus hit a number of schools in St Helens, parents and students are being urged to enhance their Covid testing.

The borough of St Helens has been hit by outbreaks, with one school, St Augustine of Canterbury High School, closing for two days earlier this week to allow for a deep clean.

This comes after 50 additional positive Covid-19 instances were confirmed in the school up until September 13, with 23 of them in the same year group, according to the local authority. There are presently 65 sick days at the school, affecting both students and staff.

Queen’s Park Primary School, with 21 confirmed cases, Rivington Primary School, with 14 cases, St Cuthbert’s High School, with 12 cases, and Sutton Oak Primary School, with 17 cases, are among the schools in the St Helens borough affected by coronavirus outbreaks.

The return to school and “renewed mixing on site,” according to Ruth du Plessis, Director of Public Health at St Helens Council, is having an influence on infection rates in the borough, so it’s critical to work together to keep infection rates from rising further.

The latest Coronavirus numbers from Public Health England for the week ending September 10 indicated infection rates of 351 per 100,000, with 634 new cases confirmed, with the highest infection rates remaining among those aged 0-17, according to the local authority.

St Helens Borough Council is deploying its mobile testing unit to St Augustine School when it reopens to provide testing support to kids and staff in an attempt to reduce the effect of the outbreaks.

The crew also assisted at St Cuthbert’s High School earlier this week, and more visits to other schools are planned in the coming weeks. Some schools will have testing kits available for pick-up at respective locations.

Furthermore, the council is working with each of the impacted schools to implement particular precautions over the next two weeks in order to assist minimize the spread of new cases on site.

These are some of them:

Limiting the quantity of outside activities that students participate in at school, such as school educational trips etc. “The summary has come to an end.”


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