Five people are suing North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for $900,000 each for human rights violations.


Five people are suing North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for $900,000 each for human rights violations.

Five people are requesting that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un compensate them $900,000 each for their hardship while living in the country’s resettlement program.

North Korea guaranteed free health care, education, jobs, and welfare to people who engaged in the relocation program in an effort to entice Koreans back from Japan after the Korean War. Residents of Japan, many of whom were originally from South Korea, were recruited for the program.

According to the lawsuit, none of the program promises were made available to the plaintiffs. According to Eiko Kawasaki, they were instead put to manual labor in mines, forests, or farms.

“I lived in shock, grief, and dread for 43 years in North Korea,” Kawasaki, 79, told reporters after the court on Tuesday.

The five North Koreans who were promised “heaven on Earth” say they were duped by the scheme and kidnapped by the regime.

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According to Kenji Fukuda, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, the hearing was made possible after the Tokyo District Court agreed to call Kim to speak in August. They don’t anticipate Kim to show up or pay them compensation if the court demands it. However, Fukuda thinks that the case would serve as a precedent for the Japanese government to engage with North Korea in the future in order to obtain the North’s responsibility and normalize diplomatic relations.

“I believe it was a miracle that I made it back to Japan alive,” Kawasaki said, adding that she was relieved that the court had heard her story.

“This, however, is not the purpose. This is the start of our campaign against North Korea “According to Kawasaki. “We’ll keep fighting until everyone aboard the repatriation ship who travelled to North Korea can return to Japan and visit their families.” The purpose of Thursday’s hearing, according to Fukuda, was for all five plaintiffs to demonstrate how North Korea deceived them illegally and consistently, and to create legal bases before requesting the Japanese government to address the issue diplomatically.

Five participants — four ethnic Koreans and a Japanese woman who entered the program with her Korean husband and their children — filed the lawsuit in 2018.

Now it’s the plaintiffs’ turn. This is a condensed version of the information.


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