Five abandoned puppies, each weighing the same as an apple, were discovered.


Five abandoned puppies, each weighing the same as an apple, were discovered.

Five tiny puppies, each weighing less than an apple, were discovered abandoned in a cardboard box.

The discovery was made last week in a community near Wrexham in north Wales.

According to Wales Online, a member of the public came spotted the litter, which was believed to be only one week old because all of its eyes were still closed.

Dogs do not open their eyes until they are one to two weeks old, and it is unknown how long they were in the box when they were discovered, but flies had begun to lay eggs within.

They were thankfully taken to the nearest vets in New Broughton, where they were nursed back to health for a few days before being transferred to the RSPCA Bryn–Maen Animal Centre in Colwyn Bay by a kind stranger.

One of the girls has since opened her eyes, and it’s believed they’re Jack Russell Terriers.

The three males and two females, who are now being cared for around the clock with bottle feeding every three hours, are all making good progress.

The RSPCA has since requested further information about the animals and how they ended up in a box.

“Fortunately, the puppies were discovered before it was too late,” said Victoria Williams, the center’s manager.

“We believe they were approximately a week old when they were abandoned, and at that age, they would not have been able to survive for long on their own.

“Thankfully, they are all doing well and are being bottle fed every three hours by us, however we are concerned about the mother dog’s well-being, as she will no likely be grieving her puppies.

“It’s simply so sad that, despite all of the education provided by animal welfare organizations, some people still refuse to neuter their dogs, resulting in heartbreaking occurrences like this.”

Anyone with information regarding the puppies should call the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018 in confidence.


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