Firefighter teams attacked before Halloween after thugs had caused “hours of misery” last year.


Throughout Halloween week, people were injured and thousands of pounds of damage were caused, but police are urging that this year must be different.

Firefighters have been attacked in the run-up to Halloween, after goon squads caused hours of misery last year.

People were injured and thousands of pounds of damage were done, but this year Halloween MUST be better.

In this incident it was reported that a large gang of children caused over £20,000 in damage at a construction site that was to be converted into a home for the disabled.

Later that night, firefighters and police were again targeted by thugs after responding to vandalism in the construction of assisted living apartments on King Street in Garston.

On Mischief Night alone last year, firefighters and police were attacked several times with bricks, eggs and fireworks during a busy night in Merseyside that falls on the day before Halloween.

Merseyside police told Echo that more officers will be on patrol during the Halloween period this year to ensure that people are having a safe time.

Fires were also deliberately set at night, car windows smashed and a vehicle overturned.

This year, police officers are urging people all over the city to do their part to help keep communities safe so that last year’s behavior is not repeated.

Chief Inspector Peter Clark, who is leading this year’s operation for Merseyside Police, said: “As you know, there are a number of rules and restrictions in relation to Covid-19 – this means that the planned events and activities we normally attend will not take place this year.

They will also ensure that those on the road are aware of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

“We know this is another sacrifice we have to make, but now is the time to pull together, follow the lead and help stop the spread.

“We are committed to finding the right balance between protecting people from the spread of the coronavirus and ensuring that they can still enjoy this time.

“We will use common sense on Halloween and campfire night – and work to encourage people to respect the restrictions and explain why they are so important.

“But where people disregard the restrictions, we will take action.

He added: “Our message about antisocial behavior during this time remains simple – it will not be tolerated, and anyone caught committing this type of crime will be dealt with decisively and robustly.

However, CI Clark said that anyone caught engaging in antisocial behavior will be dealt with swiftly….


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