Fines for parking at retail malls will be returned to drivers.


Fines for parking at retail malls will be returned to drivers.

Drivers who were penalised for parking in a Wirral car park can now request a refund.

Smart Parking, a private company, took over the parking lot of Liscard’s Cherry Tree Shopping Centre in August of this year.

After the transfer, Cherry Tree permitted blue badge users to park in disabled bays for free for up to three hours.

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Despite this, fines were still being imposed on elderly and disabled drivers, causing widespread dissatisfaction in the community.

This appears to be owing to the usage of an automated camera system by Smart Parking.

This technology compares license plates to tickets and generates one for each driver who did not purchase one.

As a result, blue badge holders have been punished.

Motorists will be able to appeal penalties issued in error following a meeting between Wirral Council leader Janette Williamson, colleague Labour councillor Daisy Kenny, and Smart Parking.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., two Smart Parking attendants are on site to register blue badge holders on the Smart Parking system.

The main sign has been changed to reflect the blue badge application process.

When disabled blue badge users file an appeal, Smart Parking has committed to repay any unjust fees (follow the instruction on the fine)

Wirral Council leader Cllr Janette Williamson said: “Parking fines were issued incorrectly to disabled drivers, and there was a general lack of clarity in signage.

“Several blue badge holders who parked at the Cherry Tree Centre were fined, despite the fact that they were entitled to free parking.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband, who represents Liscard, went on to say: “As a result, we requested a meeting with Smart Parking to discuss the issues with blue badges and how to make the signage more clear so that there would be no more of these heavy-handed fines in the future.

“We also requested that they uphold any appeals from drivers who have been penalized excessively or arbitrarily.”

“We are engaging with a person at Smart Parking who has proven their eagerness to work with us to fix problems,” Liscard councillor Daisy Kenny added.

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