Filters are prohibited in Collection Cosmetics’ latest line.


Filters are prohibited in Collection Cosmetics’ latest line.

The latest Collection Cosmetics product line has everything we need this summer to achieve that clear, sun-kissed skin we all desire.

While I was fortunate enough to experience some of their new in-stock items, the cosmetics company has been making some significant modifications to their brand collaboration standards.

Collection has launched a new campaign called ‘Real You,’ which highlights the real aspect of beauty and encourages people to be themselves.

We had to get involved because the make-up powerhouse has vowed to only use unfiltered photos on models and influencers promoting their b rand.

While having fun with their fantastic new line. These images were created without the use of any adjustments or filters.

I experimented with the products and wrote a review of some of their best-selling items.

The Gorgeous Glow contour stick is a must-have for me, not just because it’s used to sculpt, but also because the texture is lovely and perfectly blendable.

I like to use a cream contour under my powder contour to provide a bit extra dimension. This product is great for long-wearing make-up days since it adds a wonderful gloss to a summery, glowy look.

In honor of Collection Cosmetics’ most recent ad, I decided to experiment with the products and see how they look on just one side of my face.

I’ve been using Collection Cosmetics’ Lasting Perfection Concealer and foundation for quite some time now, so the Lasting Perfection Glow is a welcome addition to my makeup collection.

It feels creamy but not cakey, and unlike many other face creams, it doesn’t make my already oily skin feel greasy in the afternoon.

One thing I can say is that the Matte Liquid lipstick is a touch too dry for me, but that is easily remedied with a liberal application of lip balm!

The summary comes to a close.


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