Faye Winter of Love Island has moved on to new boy Sam Jackson.


Faye Winter of Love Island has moved on to new boy Sam Jackson.

Love Island’s Faye Winter has moved on from her ex-boyfriend Teddy Soares and has set her sights on a new man.

The original lads are currently residing at Casa Amor, while the girls are residing in the standard villa.

Because the villa received a postcard from Casa Amor showing Teddy kissing another girl, Faye is now interested in new boy Sam Jackson.

What occurred on Monday night’s tense Love Island episode?

Faye lost faith in Teddy as a result of this, despite having reservations before the episode.

But there’s a catch: Teddy kissed the other girl because he was playing a game of Truth or Dare, not because he liked her.

Faye will make it apparent to Sam on Thursday’s episode that she is interested in him by inviting him to remain in her bed.

Faye asks Sam if he’s interested in a long-term relationship when they’re on the swings.

“Indeed,” he says. I’m not going to settle until I get exactly what I want, and I know exactly what I want.”

Sam then asks Faye if she wants to sleep in his bed with him.

“No, I’m sleeping in my bed,” she responds. I have no idea who is in my bed. Harry? You’ll have to inform him that he needs to vacate.”

“It’s been a pleasure,” Faye adds as she walks away from the chat. “I’ll see you in bed,” says the narrator.

Later that night, Faye and Sam share a bed, and Sam adds, “I didn’t know I could be in this predicament when I got up this morning.”


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